Who we are.

Founded in 1967, COC continues over 50 years of customer solutions based support for the aging aircraft our customers operate. COC began operations with a single aerospace program supporting Bell Helicopter and their licensee program with Italian aerospace firm, Giovanni Agusta. We provided complete supply chain for procurement and international transport of the components of the Bell 204 and 205 helicopter that Agusta was assembly for sales outside the us. As these Agusta/Bell helicopters were delivered to governments worldwide, the operators began needing spare parts. COC took on the associated supplier role for both Agusta and Bell.

Soon, these end users from around the world were requesting a wide range of aerospace products from COC, including spares for all their US manufactured aircraft, ground support equipment, test equipment and technical training.

Over time, COC grew its customer base to more than 35 countries. In the early 1990's, COC focused on platform-specific support of the F-5 and T-38. In 1992 Northrop-Grumman appointed COC as a licensee of their total spare support program for the F-5 and T-38. In 2007, COC teamed with EADS-CASA on a comprehensive F-5B life extension and structural upgrade program for the Spanish Air Force. 20 F-5Bs underwent complete rebuild with COC providing the aero-structure components and EADS-CASA performing the final assembly. Today, under CEO Chris Garville’s continued leadership, COC provides complex life extension and sustainment solutions including aero-structures, flight control components, landing gear reconstruction, modernization packages and periodic maintenance kits that provide customers with the ability to extend the service life of their aging aircraft.

Our Niche Market

The OEM aircraft business model identifies the operational life span of the fleets they manufacture and establishes respective time lines for phasing out support as a particular platform nears the end of its projected service life. In the case of several military fighters, trainers and older model C-130’s, foreign militaries continue to operate them well beyond their originally anticipated service lives. This creates a long term supply chain deficit for end users owing to diminished OEM support. COC Aerospace exists to address that supply chain gap.

Our Added Value

We have nearly 5 decades of technical program management experience and a network of high quality aerospace manufacturing partners. We are able to supply nearly any part for the aircraft we support. COC's added value is borne of the long term relationships we have established with our customers. Over the course of many years and successful contracts, our customers have come to rely on us to aide them in proactively assessing their respective fleet’s impending short and long term operational challenges, including life extension and upgrade needs and devising a plan within their time and budget constraints.